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ANG Infotech brings together comprehensive industry, domain, function, technology and platform solutions expertise that meet specific customer business requirements depending upon the journey the customers are on.
ANG Infotech has expertise in building be-spoke solutions in specific SAP and non-SAP modules and integration scenarios.

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SAP Warranty Management

ANG Infotech SAP solution consulting team has highly specialized and proven skillsets in deploying end-to-end SAP Warranty management and claim processing.

Whether you are looking for reducing claim processing costs, automating claim management, improving customer service, or looking for opportunities to improve operational efficiency and profitability, ANG Infotech knows how to leverage and customize integrated SAP Warranty claim and customer service modules to our customers need. SAP warranty management and claims processing is the central part of SAP customer service functions.

This function is well integrated with sales, reverse logistics, quality management, field service, finance, and control modules. Standard vanilla claim web interface, out of the box XML, EDI, BAPI interfaces to business partners system automates the claim process and eliminates manual errors. Policy-driven, rule-based VSR (Validation / Substitution Rules) checks make the entitlement easy and effortless. Real-time visibility of claim status, Warranty cost, accruals, and integrated financial posting will boost the confidence of global financial reporting to a new level. Inbuilt reporting and analytics capability helps the business for trend analysis projection, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) supporting short term and long term decision making and strategic direction.


ANG Infotech SAP solution consulting team has a specialized focus and a high degree of demonstrated expertise with the SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) and Quality Notifications (SAP QN) application. Whether improving Non-conformance efficiency, traceability, or increasing quality and response to FDA needs, ANG Infotech knows how to maximize the capabilities of SAP QM to help you capitalize on never before realized efficiencies.

SAP CAPA builds on the existing potential in SAP Quality Management System (QMS) to further improve non-conformance visibility and efficiency. In addition to the traditional functionality, companies need to tailor their organization structure and workflow systems, SAP QM now offers tools with which corporate quality teams can strategically improve efficiency in meeting quality demands and future requirements.

Readymade S/4HANA

ANG Infotech is a premiere SAP HANA solutions expert team. ANG helps you assess, implement and deploy the best HANA solution to meet the specific needs of your company. We ensure you maximize your BI investment to get the most value from your data dollar. In addition, we help you navigate the numerous SAP HANA hardware and configuration options, understanding the critical role accurate sizing and scope play in your future data plans.

Also, companies looking to implement HANA on a smaller scale now have access to new sizing options making HANA affordable and manageable for small to medium size businesses. SAP’s HANA Cloud options are also available for companies of all sizes. DFT can help you navigate the numerous Cloud solutions to find the best one for your company. We help you determine your next best course of action for implementing your SAP HANA solution.

Start-Up Business Model Strategy

A company’s business model strategy determines the value it offers to its customers. ANG’s business model strategy is primarily focused on the business processes of the company and also determines the external relationships with suppliers, customers, and partners. It focuses on how a start-up captures some value for itself, that is, how the company makes money. The business model strategy is an integral factor that leads any start-up company towards success.
ANG Infotech brings together business, branding, go-to-market, digital marketing expertise for all Start-Ups to take advantage of in minimal budget.

Start-Up Go To Market MVP

Minimum Viable Product or MVP refers to the initial stage of creating the first saleable and workable version of your start-up business concept. ANG Infotech works with start-ups of SMBs and enterprises that are working on specific use cases to take an idea to market and develop MVP prototype models.

MVP is a basic, launchable version of the product that supports minimal yet must-have features that define its value proposition. The intent to create an MVP is to enable faster time to market and attract early adopters, that is, the MVP approach allows for making an early market entry which leads to a competitive advantage.


ANG Infotech is able to create network effects in resource staffing situations due to it’sassociations and comprehensive networks and resource database across USA, Canada, Europe and India

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